When life hands you a pink slip . . . .

I always wanted a blog. I was the geeky teenager that was forever writing stories and poetry; worse, I had the stuff published in the high school literary magazine and exposed everyone else to my silly, dramatically overblown, teen ramblings. At the time, I thought these pieces were noteworthy literature (they weren’t!!!), regardless, I enjoyed the writing and the liberating feeling of setting one’s thoughts free on paper. Unfortunately, over the years, my life had evolved into some sort of career-addicted, out-of-my-mind, post-it ridden, forget something important every day, throw some duct tape at it kind of existence that seemed determined to squash any form of creativity that ever lurked in the now cobweb festooned chambers of my brain! Thus this blog, something I always dreamed of doing, has been long delayed! 🙂

My work and family life schedule had me running at warp speed just to keep up with our day to day existence. I was so crazy busy that I was never available for homework help or soccer games and was often too tired for even the occasional dinner date with my husband. The mommy guilt was stifling. My dust bunnies had children and then their children had children too! A small crisis like a broken washing machine usually meant a war between my husband and me to see who was going to call in sick in order to be home for the repairman! 🙂 Meals were often thrown together and rarely did anyone ever sit down to eat before 8:00p.m. Dinner together as a family was a once in a blue moon occurence.

And that was my life. At least it was until earlier this spring when I lost my job.

Time passed and as is the case with so many others, new employment has eluded me. It took me awhile to dial the pace down and start thinking about what was important to me. After a couple of weeks of panic and what-am-I-gonna-do hysteria and a few more weeks where it seemed all I did was chase my tail, I turned to what I love best, writing and food. Although I am available now for homework and soccer and dinner dates, I found myself missing the day to day interactions with my coworkers. We used to talk about food a lot. Perhaps I was just lucky to be surrounded by those who care about good, healthy eating the way I do or maybe I simply yammered on about cooking until which point they gave up and merely pretended to be interested! Either way, I like to believe there was a shared interest. Not that we couldn’t all plow down a couple of slices of birthday cake when the opportunity arose but that’s a whole ‘nother post! 🙂 I enjoyed sharing recipe ideas and hearing about what they were eating, whether someone was pregnant, training for a marathon, trying to slim down or feed a family.

So that is the focus of this blog. I figure I’ll just write about food instead of talk about it. I’ll just pretend I still have an audience and maybe I will be fortunate to eventually have one once again through his blog. I am also looking forward to feedback from anyone who might want to join my little community. Thanks for reading!

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  • Hi Laura- I just love your suggestions, and although I am not a skilled cook, we do love our grill. Thanks for the tips and I am so excited about receiving your news letters!!!

  • Hi Laura,
    Good luck on your newest venture, or adventure….. whatever the case may be. I hope that it is all that you hope it to be, and that you find success. Love, Aunt Bev

  • Hi Laura,

    Great hearing from you. New years’ greetings to you, Ro and Ron. By the way, what kind of stove did you get? I hope that the horror of the corn bread fiasco, has subsided, and that you will have plenty of happy baking and success. Love you…. Aunt Bev

  • Hi there Laura
    You Looking well from here…. We are still teaching at the new school westgate ave…
    I am doing short rides on my bicycle about 3-4 days per week