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True confessions—I wrote this piece years ago, and after many attempts to find it a home, albeit not too enthusiastically as I lack the time to persistently send query letters, I just decided to publish here. I had a blast writing it and thought it was clever, but I’m not exactly the best judge of my own work as I think either something’s better than it is or I’m my own worst critiquing enemy decrying something as far worse than it actually is. Anyway, I had kind of forgotten about it until my friend and author, R.J. Nello wrote a thoughtful blogpost about ebooks versus paper books. Read his post here. I like to think this piece is a worthy response to Ian Bogost’s criticisms of ebooks—also mentioned in R.J.’s post—but reader, you be the judge.

Honestly, I love paper books and would have a library full of them complete with one of those cool ladders on wheels if I could, but well, click on the image and find out why my dream library will forever exist merely as a figment of my imagination.


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